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With the continuous development of the society, the baby beauty contest has attracted more and more attention. In this kind of competition, the participating babies will wear all kinds of clothes to show their beauty and charm. Among them, the baby's beauty pageant dress has become a topic of much attention. Baby pageant costumes are usually carefully selected and prepared by the parents. These costumes not only need to meet the theme and requirements of the competition, but also need to show the baby's personality and charm. As a result, parents are very careful in choosing clothes, and may even spend a lot of time and money to find the best clothes for their children. For some parents, participating in a baby beauty pageant is a way to show their children's charisma and confidence. They hope that through the competition, their children will be more confident and brave in their future life. For others, participating in the competition is a process of pursuit and enjoyment. They love to see their children show their confidence and charm on stage, and they like to share this wonderful moment with other parents. However, some people have different views on baby pageants. They believe that this kind of competition is not good for children's development, and may even have negative effects on children. They believe that this kind of competition will make children pay too much attention to appearance and material enjoyment, but ignore the inner quality and cultivation. In addition, they are also worried that this kind of competition will bring unnecessary pressure and burden to their children. When thinking about the baby pageant costume, we have to consider the various ethical issues it involves. Some may be concerned that such competitions may increase the excessive commercialization and socialization of infant body image. Imagine whether the babies, who were pushed into the spotlight just because they were cute, could really understand what was going on around them? Will their innocence be exploited and deprived unconsciously?
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